Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Designer defends Jabulani

The ball used at 2010 South Africa World Cup, Jabulani, has caused great controversy. But the designer of the ball believed players are complaining "only because they are not used to it".

Even before the start of the quadrennial football gala, Jabulani already roused complaint among players. Brazilian goalie Julio Cesar called it "terrible" and "like cheap ones you can buy in a supermarket".
Cesar's jeer was echoed by Spanish keeper Iker Casillas, who described Jabulani as "like a beachball, or a rotten ball".
And referring to English goalkeeper Robert Green's blunder on Saturday which cost England victory over USA, skipper Steven Gerrard said: "We can't criticize the keeper. The ball is tricky."
The main designer of the ball, Dr. Andy Harland from Loughborough University in England, defended Jabulani while being interviewed by the Mirror.
"I can categorically state there is nothing wrong with it," Harland said. "We did years of research to get it right. It has fewer panels than any other football and therefore is true through the air. It's the most stable ever. I've heard the complaints but it's only because the players aren't used to the ball."
Harland also added that he had offered to give England's players a talk about the ball before they left for South Africa but he had been refused.

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